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How to apply as a Seller

Just follow these easy steps to apply for selling on the Amazic MARKETPLACE.

How can I become a Seller?
Just visit the Seller Signup page, choose a plan and fill out the form. A staff member will review your application & get in contact with you within usually 24-48 hours. 

What does it cost?
A base membership as a (re)seller, consultant or trainer is free, forever. There are no base fees, minimum quantities or alike, we aim to enable access to our marketplace and to build reach for every skilled IT professional out there.
We only charge a fair fee based on successful sales, please contact staff to discuss the fee structure for your service/ industry.
However, if you find Amazic MARKETPLACE useful becoming your lead and sales source of choice, we offer premium packages to extend your offerings beyond the base products and services. Again, our goal is to enable skilled professionals, hence our premium offerings pricing is based on the size of your organization to create an equal canvas no matter of your company's size.
The current pricing you can find here: ->Seller Plans & Pricing 

How shall I categorize my offering?
Most likely you know what you do and how to put it into context, but if you'd like to review how we categorize service offerings on MARKETPLACE, you can find these infos here. If in any doubt, please reach out to our support; else we're looking forward to your submission!