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Please read here about our definition of each main category to help you determine how you may position your offering for best exposure

On Amazic MARKETPLACE, we currently allow these kinds of core products & services to be offered: Products (like Software), Consulting/ Professional Services (e.g. Discovery and Implementation Services, Workshops), Trainings & Events.

Please find here our definition of each main category to help you determine how you may position your offering for best exposure:

Aimed at B2B cutomers, products published on Amazic MARKETPLACE typically are professionally supported, commercial Software offerings, developed and maintained by manufacturers, sold and supported by said manufacturers and or resellers/ partners.

Consulting/ Professional Services:
These Services typically are offered by proven subject matter experts, who help organizations to discover suitable technologies, build and lead POC's and/ or implement (new) technologies into their clients' environments.

These Services can be delivered as workshops (see below; esp. in the Discovery and Onboarding phase) as well as straight forward delivered work to be done.

Workshops are commonly held to introduce individuals or groups to specific concepts or skill sets.
Compared to a training, a Workshop is more interactive/2-way and hands-on.
It could be an intensive discussion forum or a brainstorming session which involves different role-play and problem solving by participants, and where every participant is expected to contribute thoughts and solutions to the end objectives.
Also in many cases the workshop organizers/instructors and participants are at the similar levels of expertise (possibly at different seniority levels though) who want to come up with a solution or strategy together.

Training is defined as a skill-building program that aims to help groups and individuals to master specific skills and learn new and more effective work habits.
The term Training is usually used for classroom sessions or a combination of classroom sessions and supervised/unsupervised practical sessions.
The training instructor is expected to have more expertise than participants on the subject, and is supposed to enhance the knowledge/skill levels of participants to a predefined extent as an objective.
It is interactive to the extent the instructor opts for, but clearly aiming at the knowledge transfer trainer -> audience.

Whether hosting a conference, a MeetUp or a product launch party, organizations use these events to bring people together in a convenient way, developing networking and relationships on an interpersonal level.

If you're still not sure how to position your offering, please feel free to contact us, we're happy to help!